Thursday, July 31, 2008

Books again~~

yesterday i used my lunch time to take a look at kinokuniya book store, wish to find some art material like felt fabric, but too bad, they don sell.

so i toward the "hobby" section and see if can find good books.

as usual, i spent again !

i'm not only targetting on knit works but some other art works. but my problem now is no time to source for material.

it's difficult to find an online store in malaysia that sell those material i want..

actually i found one but they r having summer break, re-operate only mid of august. another one need to wait 2mths time for the stock.. sigh~~

Handphone pouch

i don really satisfy the colour after mixing the pink and white together.

and here come my little model lol~~

What is this?

can u guess what is this? hehe..

i also don know. haha..

i just think of knitting something for hubby, and this is the thing.

actually i hav in mind how to make use of this already. stay tune ya



and this~~
i was pratising to decrease and increase knit... and also joining colour..
right side is a "knit string"

i hav really no idea how to make use of this! haha. just keep as a souvenier then..

p/s i forgot to snap my very 1st knit work, will share when i remember to snap the photo..

--> u can see my first knit work here


although i'm dragging the visit to the shop to continue my boy's jumper pant, i'm still doing lots of survey to improve my knitting skill.

must do more pratise first so that the pants will only nice right?


tata !!

these are the books that i bought, from MPH and online store as well.. (oops, spending money again!)

besides books, i also bought cheap yarn(not sure can call it as yarn?) to sharpen my skill

p/s this cheap yarn i purchased online as i really hav no extra time to shop for this... hm~

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Why start ?

I always wish to learn knitting. But too bad, don't know where can learn.

Last month, i searched online and found that those shops who sells yarn will teach how to knit. and finally i went ~~

these are what i bought. i planned to knit a jumper pant for my dear son.. wanna guess how much i spend? i was a bit shock when i got to know the price. ^_^

when i told hubby the price, he said expected but still higher than his expectation.. LOL~

As hubby accompanied me to the shop, i couldn't spend too much time there so i brought back home to continue knitting for the first part. see the drop knit? hehe..

i need to return to the shop to continue the 2nd part but too bad, drag for whole month already but still not yet go.. sigh~ when can i complete this?